Hi ! My name is BOB and I have been living and shopping in Thailand for the past 20 Years. My experience recommends this site to you.
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IQPRODUCTS.8M.COM was established at the dawn of the new millenium for the general purpose of promoting Thai Silk products / handicrafts and making them available for international clients on-line. Our company is registered under the name IQ DESIGN & DECOR CO., LTD. by the Thai Ministry of Commerce since 14 April 1973. Our web site and on-line store is therefore an extension of our existing business which is mainly involved in fine Thai handicrafts especially Silk and home furnishings.
IQPRODUCTS.8M.COM is run by our trained staff in order to ensure that all our clients' enquiry's are answered and all your purchases are taken care of in the most efficient way available to us.
Our Managing Director Mr Songkran Grachangnetara who is a graduate of a top British University deals with all purchasers himself and is willing to answer any questions you have concerning our company.
Use & Caring of Silk:
Genuine silk fabric is sold in six different plies. One ply is most suitable for blouses, two and three plies for dresses and suits, four and five plies for men's suits or upholstery, and six ply for heavy upholstery. Silk is so durable that , if well cared for, it should last between one and two decades on upholstery. As it ages, it will retain its elegance.

To ensure that silk remains in good condition and maintains its original luster and texture, it should perfectly be dry cleaned. Thai silk may also be washed in luke-warm water but only with the mildest soap. It should be rinsed but not wrung dry. When hang up to dry, the silk should be placed in the shade and supported. A spoonful of clear white vinegar added to the final rinse will maintain the original luster. Silk should be ironed on the inside of the garment just before it is dry or ironed with a dumped cloth applied to the outside. Rich, exotic and oriental, a piece of magnificent Thai silk will always be admired for its beauty.

Properties of Silk:

Silk contains two properties which make it superior to any other animal fiber: triangular fibers which reflect light like prisms and layers of protein that lend it a smooth sheen. Silk fiber is lustrous, smooth, supple, light weight, elastic and strong.
A coarse texture with uneven, slightly knotty threads distinguishes Thai silk from the silk of other countries. It is this quality that makes it perfectly suited to hand-loom weaving.
A silk fiber is highly elastic and resilient. It will stretch by 10 or 20 % over its length without damage and will revert to its original shape upon release. Capable of absorbing up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, it can still feel dry. However, a wet fiber must be handled gently, as it loses 20% of its strength. Warm and pleasantly smooth to touch, silk easily absorbs perspiration and is one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear next to skin. These factors combine to provide a cool-in-summer and warm-in-winter property. Silk's durability enables it resist mildews, moulds and rot that attack fibers. One of the lightest of natural fibers that resists wrinkling, silk when folded takes up very little room.

Preserving Antique Silk:

Keep the textile out of strong light, away from heat and in a controlled temperature so as to avoid fading and attracting fungus.
Protect the piece from environmental hazards such as dust, fumes and cigarette smoke by storing in a ventilated, dry and enclosed case. It should be rolled but not folded, in acid free tissue paper, cellophane or unbleached muslin.
If displacing on a wall, use an ultraviolet glass frame or hang for brief periods of time only. Fluorescent lights can be almost as damaging as sunlight.
Old silk should be mounted with care. They may be damaged by adhesive chemicals or by rusty nails which cause staining or create holes in weakened fibers. The best means of display is by carefully sewing the item onto a supporting background such as a velcro strip which can be attached to a wooden board. Laying textiles flat avoids strain on the fibers.
Textiles should be periodically checked for termites or fungi and treated by a professional if damaged is detected.

Cleaning and repair of ancient silk is a special process and must be done by an expert. If the item is strong and in good condition, gently brushing will remove dust particles, and washing the piece in warm water with a suitable non-harsh washing agent will provide more through celansing. The silk should be dried gently in a flat position.

Others Information:

589 Soi Grachangnetara , Ramkhamhaeng 39 Road., Wangtonglang, Bangkok 10310.,Thailand.
+66-2-319 7598

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  Hi ! My name is BOB and I have been living and shopping in Thailand for the past 20 Years. My experience recommends this site to you.
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